Our partners

Daniel Proust

The latest French bike saddle. Daniel's company is based in Brittany (France), where he designs saddles that exceeds the expectations of all bike lovers looking for a lasting riding comfort. We use one of his saddles which also perfectly blends in the design of the bike.

Vidame Creation

A home-specialist design agency, with whom we have worked on specifications to develop our first storage accessory.


An agency specialised in brand names. We have been working with them to validate our brand name in English-speaking countries.


A creative and participative agency we have been working with to develop the brand's visual identity.

Opinion Way

An opinion poll office we are working with in order to consolidate our company's strategy.


A company specialised in finite element analysis among other things. They assist us with simulations, to ensure reliability from the start of the design process.

Etud Integral

An end-to-end product design office, created in the 80s, with a strong experience in many fields and still now regularly helpful to Isocycle. Etud Integral is seated near Paris and had been drawing the first design of the bicycle even before Isocycle was founded.

ENS Cachan Bretagne UGV

The Ecole Normale Supèrieure (a major French grande école). We have been working with the Briton branch of ENS to produce especially the second prototype, in magnesium. ;


INSA(National Applied Sciences institute) is a public network of engineering schools where Paul studied. INSA Rennes is located near our premises and we work with them through the MCC(Mechanical Common Center) on many prototype parts. ;


A Dutch family-run business specialising in special bikes. We worked with them to produce the first, aluminium prototype.


Communication consulting agency located in Nantes.


This major, classic French company manufactures, among many other items, bike tyres. WEELIN features Michelin's latest solution for urban environments, a perfect mix of resistance and weight.


Taking care of bags for the bike. More innovation in the cycling industry! Theravada offers you the opportunity to easily clip our first bag onto a compact and convenient support at the front of the bike.


This young American company has developed a new kind of anti-theft device placed in the seat post, which therefore helps preserve the bicycle's design. Perfect for those who will leave their bike unattended for a moment in the public area, where theft is still common practice.


Producing frame parts in Belgium. A specialist in composite injection seated in Belgium, the company continuously develops through innovation, with a technological support from SIRRIS (the collective centre of the Belgian technological industry, helping companies to implement technological innovations). Serviplast and its sub-contractors will be manufacturing the bicycle's key pieces.

Bretagne Atelier

Assembling our products in France. This experienced company with over 600 employees, over 80% of which are disabled people, operates in the aerospace, boat building, railway and automotive fields (amongst others) and assembles our products in Brittany.

Monsieur Media

Multicanals communication agency, they mainly took time to realise the first movie of Weelin, the nice photos of our products, and the print works.