Assets sale of an innovative, multi-awarded folding bike (Weelin)
Assets sale of WEELIN:

Despite all our efforts, we could not find investors and launch WEELIN on the market. Therefore, we have decided to sell the assets of our company ISOCYCLE: models, operational prototypes, plans, exclusive license of the patent held by the company’s majority shareholder and validated in about twenty countries .

We won many international awards with our prototype: a gold medal and a grand prize of the German Association of Inventors at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions; a design star and an exhibition at the Cité des Sciences (City of Science) in Paris in 2014; a seal of excellence by the European Commission in 2015.

The WEELIN team warmly thanks all those who have shown interest in the WEELIN folding bike.

If you have in your networks individuals or companies interested in this purchase, please let us know quickly.
Article in Les Echos (Economic newspaper) October 2014 Les Echos

Published on October 10th, Isocycle lance le minivelo pliable du futur

In french only.

Weelin brand distinguishes itself in Geneva Les Echos

Weelin concept suggests to store the bike at office, or into the house, and catches the eye when it sneaks in a train or a car : during the international inventions fair of Geneva, Weelin received the gold medal in the category "Transport", and the Grand Prize of the German association of inventors.


EADS is now sponsoring Weelin Les Echos

Isocycle company, which develops the folding bike Weelin, has just received the support of EADS, better known as Airbus, through its branch "Development". This substentive support allows the continuation in good conditions of the company. It furthermore helps in the launch of our innovations. Thanks to them !


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